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1. APCGP BRICS Countries


Introduction to BRICS ’17

Comparative Study of the BRICS Countries in the World Economy Study Plan ’20

MAP Countries and Limits of BRICS ’20

This map is to be completed in class and graded as classwork. It will eventually be a quiz grade.

Classwork to be done in my absence, if you decide to wait for us to start your Comparison Project on BRICS.

How China Plans to Dominate World Trade ’20

Otherwise, choose one of the BRICS countries and prepare a power point about the its profile: Origin, political changes in modern times, government structure and functions and economy. Groups of three will work on a power point on the information, which should include a timeline of the  important political changes in modern times.


  1. You are going to work again in the same pairs for BRICS.
  2. According to the region your country is in, choose a neighboring country, from the same continent to compare and contrast to your BRICS country. Choose a country you know nothing about.
  3. Prepare a Comparative Chart in a Poster Board or a Power Point with your Data and be ready to answer questions on the relationship of both countries, if any, in politics and economy.
  4. Use the rubric to do your work.
  5. We will have more time to finish this comparison once I am back.
  6. As always, make me proud of your work!


China: Tatiana Rivera, Daniela Umaña, Valeria Reyes

Brazil: Alina Rosado, Valentina Umaña, Ana Carola Cruz, Andre Lavergne

Russia: Efren Bula, Juan Juelle, Diego De Sevilla, Emmanuel Rodríguez

India: Adriana Rivera, Sebastián Morales, José Scherrer, Penélope Rivera

South Africa: Diana Juelle, Noelia Hiraldo, Enrique Pérez

Assessment-Rubric-BRICS Comparing-Countries-Project-20

Brazil and South Africa Democracies at Risk

Comparing the Economy of the BRICS Nations ’20

Critical Thinking Question:

Is it fare to compare NATO vs BRICS, being NATO a military alliance and BRICS an economic alliance? What would be the true indicator of a stronger alliance and power between both groups of nations in relation to world dominance? Explain.