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Welcome APUSH Students 2019-2020!

This is your jumpstart material to be covered during  summer vacations or at least as soon as the first day of August. If you read your novel along with the textbook you will be learning and understanding better the first years or foundation of the United States of America, our subject of study this year. You will be doing a lot of learning on your own in 11th grade and I hope you enjoy it!

Welcome to AP US History!

AP US History Summer Assignment-2019-20

APUSH Summer Reading Guide 2019-20

Reviews on A Voyage Long and Strange ’19

APUSH Students 2019-20

1.  Astrid Guzman
2. Emilio Rabell
3. Claudia Santiago
4. Manuel Candelas
5. Karina Slaiman
6. Sofia Roman
7. Manuel Rexach
8. Marina Grillasca
9. Giancarlo Piñeyrua
10. Valeria Perez
11. Angelica Santiago
12. Alejandra Bustillo
13. Ian Ortega
14. Mariana Garcia
15. Claudia Martinez
16. Alberto Zorilla