AP Comparative Government and Politics · Clases

APCGP Final Project Final Test

All projects must be presented tomorrow during your test period.

Tips to Remember:

  1. Use your RUBRIC!
  2. No empty or blank spaces.
  3. Complete, original and credible information. Use what you learned in class!
  4. Font size no smaller than 20 points.
  5. Less is more- you do not need long paragraphs in your work, that is why we are doing presentations!
  6. Graphics (photos, pictures, charts and colors are visually important)
  7. If it is last minute work make sure I do not notice it by the content.
  8. Make me proud!

AP-CGP Final Test New Country Project Rubric ’19

The 4 Types of Economic Systems Explained ’19

These examples are not to be copied. They lack many elements asked in your rubric! Be smart!

The Islands of SaiSei New Country Project 2018

Final Project APCGP Natus Relicus ’17