AP Comparative Government and Politics · Clases

APCGP Russia Again!

Russia – Governance and Policy Making

Classwork 40 points

February 2018


  1. Draw a chart of the basic structure of the Russian government.
  2. Why and how has the Soviet period created difficulties for the Russian Federation’s government to work?
  3. Explain the executive branch and list the powers of its members.
  4. What is the power of decree?
  5. What is the Duma? What specific powers does it have?
  6. How are laws made?
  7. What are the bureaucratic agencies that make up the executive branch and what are their functions?
  8. How does clientelism work in the Russian government?
  9. What problems did the Constitutional Court face since its establishment in 1991?
  10. Name some of the issues in the development of the Russian Federal System and how have they been solved.


Twenty Years After the Demise of the Soviet Union’18